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Self-Directed Stay:  To schedule a self-directed stay with full access to all amenities, book here. Additional offerings can be added by contacting us directly prior to your visit.

Customized Visit:  To explore the development of a customized program to meet a specific goal(s), such as safely embarking on a detoxification protocol or accomplishing a dietary shift, or to discuss any of our additional services, please contact us or book a discovery call.

Additional Offerings


Meal Preparation &

Cooking Education

We specialize in functional nutrition solutions and can help you meet your dietary goals.

Meal planning, cooking instruction, and/or full service meal preparation are all options.

We love helping others learn new ways of nourishing their bodies!

Quantum Frequency Healing

Experience the healing power of frequencies, tailored to your individual needs.

Quantum technology that originated in Germany, the Healy device is able to analyze your bioenergetic field for imbalances and send harmonizing 

frequencies to restore balance.

The iTorus is the world’s most advanced Pulsed Tachyon BioRejuvenation® vortex coil that generates a powerful square-wave centripetal field.



Experience the evolution of mental/emotional/spiritual care:  coaching.

The basic tenet is that you are your own best healer. The coach is simply there to help guide you to your own instinctual solutions.

Mikkel is certified via the Quantum Coaching Method.

Live Blood Analysis 

We have partnered with local experts to offer a specialized live blood analysis package which includes a diagnostic review, protocol recommendations, and follow up.

Based on the findings of Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD and other pioneers in this field, we are closely monitoring current blood markers and holistic treatments to return the blood to its most vital state.

Healthy blood = a healthy organism.


Protocol Consultation &


Benefit from our expertise in oxidative therapy and detoxification as we collaboratively design an intentional program that aligns with your body's specific state.

Foundational medicine such as Wu Jin San (pure fulvic acid), oxidative therapies, hydrogen water, herbal tinctures, and cell salts will be utilized.

We'll help you remove impediments so your systems can function with full vitality and healing capability, they way they were designed to.



A restorative and deeply healing treatment in the comfort of the cottage.

Experience an intuitively-led deep tissue massage with a bodyworker who has been practicing for decades.

Customized essential oil aromatherapy and 432 Hz sound therapy enhance the experience.

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Sandpoint, ID


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