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The Basics:

Bedding:  Organic cotton grounding sheet + linen duvet + organic mattress

Provisions:  Delicious tea assortment + organic coffee + coconut water

Television:  Nope, although we do have a wired device available for music streaming 

Lighting:  Only incandescent - no LEDs!  Why does this matter?

Wi-Fi:  Wired connection in the main living area

Cell Service:  Decent signal with most carriers in the main living area (although we suggest turning off your phone!)

Noise:  We live in a very quiet neighborhood on a half-acre lot. You may hear pleasant sounds of chickens and children playing. You may also hear the trains that run behind our neighborhood... a classic Sandpoint feature. We find them soothing.

The Hosts:  Mikkel (Functional Nutrition Consultant + Certified Quantum Coach) and Tyler (builder extraordinaire), who live with their two children (Sierra + Aksel), two cats (Poppy + 
Snoopy), Jack the canine, and 6 chickens. 

The Experience:  We will meet you where you're at. If you're seeking relaxation and solitude, that's what you'll get. If you'd like a bit more support, we're here for you. Additional
services can be considered by contacting us directly prior to your visit.

To schedule a self-directed stay with full access to all amenities, book here.

To explore the development of a customized program to meet a specific goal(s), such as safely embarking on a detoxification protocol or accomplishing a dietary shift, please book a discovery call.

EMF Shielded and Grounded Space

EMF-free sleeping space and highly shielded living/bath areas

Fully grounded to enable electrical connection to the Earth, discharging negative energy/EMFs 

Designed by Shielded Healing

Hot tub.jpg

Outdoor Hot Tub

Experience a truly medicinal soak in our chlorine dioxide-purified tub


Enjoy oxidative benefits versus bathing in toxic chemicals 

Coming Soon!


Near Infrared Sauna

Electrically grounded with zero EMF exposure for a truly parasympathetic experience

Built according to the sauna healing principles of Dr. Lawrence Wilson


Outdoor Cold Plunge

For the toughest guests seeking ultimate expansion


Use alone, or try contrast therapy and/or sauna cold plunge therapy for a truly invigorating protocol


Deep Soaking Tub

Various additives available to meet a specific goal(s), such as relaxation, muscle/pain relief, detoxification, etc.

Options include chlorine dioxide, epsom salt, magnesium, essential oils, borax, and/or HumaSoak


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (2+ night visit)

Class-4, hypoallergenic, mild hyperbaric chamber made in the USA by Newtowne Hyperbarics

Broad-spectrum oxidative healing and vitalization

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Sandpoint, ID


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